Typographic Quotes Design
Photographer's Identity Design
Taiwan Creativity Week Identity Design
Event Identity and Typeface design
The Guardian Newspaper's Advertising
Experimental Design
Experiment in mixing type and Symbol
My Little Party Identity Design
Adidas Beijing Flagship Store Art
Levi's Jeans Asia Advertising
Graphic Art Love Not Guns
Emeco Chairs Advertising
Gender Neutral Poster Design
Axe Body Spray Japan Advertising
Adidas Flagship Store Creative Direction
Photography Agents Identity Design
Click2View Identity Design
TechCommons Logo Design
TaiChang Security Logo Design
Yuan Hsien Developments Logo Design
Power to Learn Education Service Identity Design
Tibame Education and Career Service Logo Design
Shinsegae Department Store Pattern Design
Project Air Mind Care Identity Design
+C Packaging Design
Ibid Folio Book Design
Top Union Electronics Manufacturing Identity Design
Love and Kisses Image
When is this a sentence?
One World Flag Poster
Event Identity Design
Wine Expert Identity Design
Adidas China VIP Calendar Design
Nokia Comes With Music Advertising
Honda Asia Fuel Economy Advertising
Lurpak Butter UK Advertising
British Chamber of Commerce Illustration
The Observer TV Advertising
Adidas Hangzhou Art
Christmas Card Design
Art Show Promotion and Typeface Design
Ink on Skin Typeface Design
3 Pixel Typeface
Paisley Typeface Design
Art Project - An Icon for Religion
Tetris Typeface Design
Georgia O'Keffee Museum Logo Design
Concerto Music Note Typeface
Invisible Ink Typeface Experiment
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